Hey Heroes and Villains! SkillsAura here with a Plug.DJ update for you guys!

Halloween Event

on 10/23/16, we're going to be hosting a Halloween event! There will be global announcements indicating it near the initial start of this event.

What is this event?

This event will last from 5:30 PM EST to 7:00 PM EST. During this event, ONLY songs relating to Halloween or anything scary / frightful will be allowed. Staff will be on to judge each song, and eventually, decide the winner. The winner of this will receive Resident DJ!

Resident.DJ rank
$15 Arkham voucher
You said there's a revamp? Explain?

Yes! We're going to make the Plug.DJ experience the best it can be. You may now become a Resident. DJ from being active, and friendly towards the community.

We will now also enforce the Plug.DJ rules more strictly. I'm going to introduce some more Plug.DJ staff to the Manager team, and eventually re-open Plug.DJ staff applications. We're going to start expanding and allowing new types of music.

What are the perks of Resident. DJ?

Resident.DJ gets a special symbol next to their name, and will be able to host cool games & run some unique commands from the Plug.DJ bot!

Thanks guys!
~ SkillsAura


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