Halloween Maze Event 2016

Hey Heroes & Villains,

iKoalas here with some fun news!

On Sunday, October 30th at 3pm EST myself, Jaii, and MrSneakyGuy will be hosting a special in-game maze event to celebrate Halloween! This being said, it will be heavily monitored to prevent cheating. You enter the maze through a scary Jack-o'-lantern, then you will proceed through the maze to try and reach the end. This IS a competition, so whomever can maneuver the obstacles of the maze first will receive a prize! See below for more elaborate details.

The Maze:
Halloween themed obviously; pumpkins, hay bales, soul sand, ect. There will be NO PvP within the maze. This maze is very similar to the maze event that the admins did back in 2014. It has 3, Yes 3 levels of different mazes for you to complete. The levels are all connected by ladders, and there are signs scattered throughout the maze to help you out. You will find soul sand on the ground to slow your movement while navigating your way to the end. It will be very challenging and only the best of the best will be able to finish this.

We will hold this event on our separate event server. You are only required to type in /server event and you will be teleported to the Jack-o’lantern (entrance of the maze). From there, feel free to explore and rush to the end for the prize!

Sunday, October 30th @ 3pm EST.
However, we will also be alerting this event in-game an hour, 30 minutes and 5 minutes before the start and of course when it starts to allow everyone equal chance to get in and enjoy the spooky themed maze!

We wish you all luck!

1st: $25 Buycraft Voucher
2nd: $15 Buycraft Voucher
3rd: YOLO Global Kit

Credit to: Chloe, Ripjawz, and SuperNinja for building the maze!


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