85% Off Sale + Flamingo + GKits

Hi Heroes and Villains

Flamingo is now released and it's pretty fancy. Here are some of the perks you will find:

  • The return of Bold /titlecolor
  • Announcement when you join any world
  • 5 complimentary /createtitle credits
  • OP multipliers on every server
  • Flamingo Kits
  • Flamingo Mines
  • Sick af Flamingo /titlerank and forums tag
  • No chat cooldown
  • Exclusive access to Koala love
  • /shout – Announce a message to the entire network every 6 hours
  • /b – Use Bold chat every 30 minutes
  • /pm – Colored Chat

… and a lot of other things I can't be asked + more perks to come.

See all perks here:

We also released 4 new Global Kits on the store:

  • Random Kit
  • YOLO Kit
  • ArkhamKnight Kit
  • Allegiance Kit
  • Friendship Kit (coming soon)

All of the old Global Kits are now Limited Edition and their price has been doubled.

See all global kits here:

Do you need Flamingo? Do you need these new Global Kits?
The answer is yes. This is what you've been missing in your life.

There is now a limited time 85% off sale for the release!


  • Do existing Jokers get a Squid upgrade to Flamingo? No! Jokers get Super Joker from Squid. Flamingo must be purchased separately as a Rank Upgrade.
  • Where is the Friendship kit? When is it releasing? Soon. Probably.
  • When does the sale end? By our next lambo.

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