New Hacked Account Policy

Hey guys, it has come to my attention that a lot of players have had their accounts hacked over the past few years. Because of this I am implementing a new policy which basically allows you to get your rank back from your old account.

Requirements for this are as follows:

  • Must have transaction ID.
  • Old account will have it's ranks removed and account reset.
  • Rank will transfer directly to the new account upon approval of an Admin.
  • No, you cannot exchange for vouchers.

Keep in mind that this is all subject to the administration approval on a case by case basis but I'd like everybody to know that it is very possible to get old ranks back.

Those caught abusing this system will have their parents tied to a radiator and gNon-Consensual Human Reproduction Is Badd.

Happy Minecrafting! Love your Koala.


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