Factions Revamp!

Hello Heroes and Villains!

To start with, I was recently promoted from Admin to Content Manager, meaning I now assist with all upcoming and newer features to our Network, which is also what this thread is going to be about!

So, I'm deciding to revamp the factions gamemode.. you may of seen me already on there asking questions for what you guys would prefer to see within the next season however most opinions were just spammed and ideas were just biased and pulled together by me.. However, that is what I don't want, I want you guys to come together and suggest what you want to see within the next season. Please, do not think this means the current map is going to end right now.. as most ideas we may get might take some time to code/finish up, so you guys have plenty of time to suggest what you want to see the most within next season!

Suggest here: http://arkhamnetwork.org/community/forums/suggestions.18/create-thread


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