Eyes On The Prize Event

Eyes On The Prize Event

Hey, Heroes and Villains, are you interested in PvP and fun then come take part in the Eyes On The Prize Event hosted tomorrow at 8PM GMT+2.​

What is this event?
The Eyes On The Prize is an event in which any player can participate. There will be staff members in the event and we will be holding a secret item. The objective is to kill us, grab the item and get it back to spawn. Once at spawn message a staff member who is spectating the event and tell them your name and that you have the item. Afterwards, the staff member will take the item from you and announce you as one of the winners.

List of staff members with items (List may change):

  • Shadow_Of_Demise (Host)
  • Yiex (Host)
  • SneakyIsHere
  • PrepareUrAnus
  • CheanadaWolf
  • kkattx
  • CodyHD

How can players participate?
The server will have a max capacity of 200 players. We will un-whitelist the server 10-15 minutes before the event starts (I will alert it in game), and whoever manages to join before it becomes full is included in the event.

Are there any prizes?
Well, of course, there is!

  • A $25 voucher will be given to each player who returns to spawn with the Admin Item.
  • You must have the admin item with you at spawn to give it to a staff member. No screenshots of you with the item will be accepted.
  • You will be given the admin item on whatever Arkham server of your choice.

What are the rules?

  • No Hacking; anyone that is caught hacking will be banned permanently on the spot. We can’t stress this enough. Do not say you were not warned!
  • No Exploiting or Glitching; if we catch anyone, or receive proof of players glitching in any way they will be permanently banned.
  • All normal server rules apply.

How it will work:
Players will have unlimited lives, with unlimited gear which will be provided at the spawnpoint of the arena.The staff members will have better armor than the players as they would need to hoard you guys off. Killing the staff member won't grant you the prize, you need to return the admin item that's in there inventory to one of the admins/staff who are watching.


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