August Updates

Hey Heroes and Villains,

Squid HQ Support Team
A lot of you guys have been having issues with the SquidHQ launcher and we are trying our best to troubleshoot all of these issues. Due to the extensive amount of questions and issues, we have now created a SquidHQ Support Team that has been trained to know the answers to your questions. They can help you with troubleshooting your launcher or even just explain the point of SquidHQ. You can find the lovely members of this team on with the SquidHQ icon next to their name.

Rules Update
Recently their has been an increase in players using mining bots, scripts and macros. As of today, all of these are no longer allowed. This has been extremely game breaking and causing a lot of staff grief. Anyone found using these bots, will receive a ban for Hacked Client/Illegal Modifications.

I also wanted to clear up some confusion about Flooding/Spamming Chat. This is one of the things that staff consider as this offense:

If any of this is unclear to you, please comment below and explain how I can make this post more understandable. Feel free to ask other questions that you would like added to this as well.

Have a Heroic or Villainous Day!


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