Artwork Event Winners

[IMG]Hey Heroes and Villains, its the almighty Pingu lord here announcing the winners of the Art Work Event!

The judges (@cool1462002 ,@Jaii , and @Sophie_OGrady ) Have rated all submissions and we have decided who we think should win. First place goes to…

AmazingStar123! ($25 Voucher)

His/Her submission:


Second place goes to,

iEmoji! ($15 Voucher)
His/Her submission:

Third place goes to,

JessDu67! ($10 Voucher)
His/Her submission

Congratulations to all the winners! We enjoyed look through all your submissions!

Now its time for the participation voucher. (1 Random Submission will be selected using a RNG, and the person who submitted will receive a $7.50 voucher just for entering!)

With a total of 56 entries, Entry number 14 was drawn.

Entry #14 was…

SoulOfTaco! ($7.50 Voucher) Congratulations.
His/Her submission:

Thank you everyone for submitting their art! We enjoyed reviewing them.

We hope you enjoyed this event.

To claim your voucher: Start a conversation with me on forums or message me (cool1462002) in-game.

Note: Don’t be afraid to suggest future events in the comments of this thread!
Note: If the winners don’t collect their prize within 7 days, I will choose a new winner for that voucher.

– Cool


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