Hey guys, I know things have been very hectic lately but it looks like we're going full speed ahead with SquidHQ. A lot of you are very upset about this and I understand your concern, but this is the way things are now. If you do not like this you can leave ArkhamNetwork. But first I would like to bring up some Q & A with all of you so you understand why we are doing this and why I made the decisions I did.

Bare with me this is very long and tons of block text, but don't worry, I have the KOALAFICATIONS to make this post.

Q: What is SquidHQ?
A: SquidHQ is a Minecraft launcher with the ability for Mojang to hinder your ability to connect to servers that don't follow their guidelines completely removed. Which means that you can use SquidHQ to connect to ANY blacklisted network.

Q: Why don't you just follow the EULA? It's Mojangs game.

A: Minecraft was made with the intention of letting anybody do whatever they want because sandbox game. Over the years they have supported servers and EVERYTHING they did, including all the p2w. Somewhere along the lines the game was sold to Microsoft and this meant that things were starting to change. When this happened it meant that Microsoft would try it's hardest to milk every Minecraft player for every penny they could, the first step in this process was pushing out realms, second step was releasing the crappy storymode games, third step is slowly killing off multiplayer servers with a very bogus EULA in an effort to push all multiplayer users into using Realms.

Q: I still don't understand, why don't you just follow the EULA?
A: The main issue we face here is that Mojang changes it's mind about what's allowed and not allowed about once every 7 days, when this happens it means that all the time we've spent changing systems is essentially wasted. I want to make something very clear, I supported the EULA at the beginning, I thought it was a good way to clean up a lot of terrible servers in the community and provide a good healthy atmosphere for everybody to enjoy, but it was in fact the opposite of that. Mojang is making up new rules each week, rules that aren't even in the EULA. Such as disallowing voting rewards because it means you guys are paying with "time". Which let's be honest, playing video games IS paying with time no matter what you do. Voting did not make one player better than another at all.

Q: Aren't you afraid of being sued over this?

A: I'd honestly love to see these clowns sue me over a EULA that has never been tested in court, I mean I could put a EULA on Arkham and just claim that by playing ArkhamNetwork you are my indentured servant for life and you are my minion. Does that mean it's fact? No, of course not. That is essentially what we're dealing with when it comes to Mojangs EULA, they are adding stuff to it that I've NEVER agreed to or even knew about until one day they started blacklisting servers. The EULA nowadays is VERY different than it used to be when I first started this game.

Q: So is the EULA even legal?
A: I've tried countless times to get my lawyer in touch with a lawyer over at Mojang or Microsoft regarding the validity of this EULA and I've yet to get any response at all from them. If I mention lawyers, they just stop responding and blacklist me, essentially strong arming me into doing what they want. What this essentially means is that if tested in court, Mojang will most likely lose a LOT of money to server owners in a class action lawsuit.

Q: Class Action Lawsuit, what?
A: Yes, what Mojang is doing is borderline illegal, you can't just make up rules and slap them in a EULA that's hidden on your site and demand people follow them, and if they don't, just blacklist them. If Mojang were serious about actually fixing the multiplayer community, they would get all the big server owners together and find a middle ground to actually make a difference and change things without this insane shock to the system that already works perfectly fine.

Q: Can SquidHQ steal my account information?
A: Of course not, we do not collect ANY data at all, all of the code is open source and anybody can view it. This means that we use Mojang session and login servers the same way the regular client does. The only difference with SquidHQ is that it prevents Mojangs ability to stop you, the players, from not being able to play your favorite servers.

Q: You mentioned servers, what does that mean?

A: A high number of the server owners in the community are banding together to start pushing SquidHQ as a fix to all of our problems, so far I'm the largest one to risk it all, a lot of people are scared. This is their livelihood.

Q: Aren't you scared?
A: I am insanely scared about what can happen over the next year, I know that we're going to lose a chunk of about 30% of our playerbase from this move to Squid and to be completely honest I'm okay with that. Because I know that in 3-6 months everybody will be using Squid and we can gain our playerbase back. And that's not even considering the threats of a lawsuit from Mojang, all the stress of dealing with it and such.

Q: But if you're scared of a lawsuit, why act like you can win?
A: Just because I can win the lawsuit doesn't mean I'm not afraid of it. The amount of stress from such a situation is insane, constant court appearances, organizing the class action lawsuit to get other owners on board to counter sue Mojang for destroying our businesses they let us run for years no issues practically overnight. It's a lot of work, of which will more than likely take years to finally settle, I have a family to think about as well here and I honestly feel this is the best thing I can do for my family and Arkham itself.

Q: So what does this mean for Arkham?
A: It means that we can now put our focus back on game content updates and resets of servers that have been up too long without a reset, it means that I can finally start giving out vouchers and doing tons of drop parties and server events to give out free ranks, it means that voting rewards come back, all the things you guys love will come back. And of course, tons of free stuff from using SquidHQ!

Q: Well Serayne, I don't agree with you and I think you're a poopyface.

A: Nobody cares, don't even bother posting on here with your doomsayer crap, I'll ban your face off.

I love Arkham guys, with my heart and soul, I live and breathe Arkham. I really do, it may not seem like it to some of you, but I really care about the network and all of the players. I'm doing what I feel is best for the community of Minecraft as a whole and Arkham itself. I really hope enough of you follow me into using SquidHQ and we can pretty much make it a standard part of playing Minecraft PC and everything can go back to the way it used to be.

I know I've been very rude and ignorant in the past but I mean the things I'm saying, a lot of you don't understand the amount of crap I deal with on a daily basis from kids on the network. The constant death threats, people sending pizzas to my house, getting swatted, getting spammed to no end in game to the point of not even being able to read chat, constant drama on the staff team because everybody is a little girl. I basically get treated like complete crap unless I give each one of you what you want, and you all need to understand that it's just not possible, I can't please everybody. I try my hardest and after all these years, I'm honestly burned out in terms of being nice to people that are rude to me. If you are rude to me, you can fall on something sharp, I don't have time for your crap.

Well that's about it I guess, hopefully this doesn't turn into a huge flamefest and we can actually understand my reasoning behind things, I apologize for being so quiet about all this, it's really stressed me out.

Koala out. #Dropsthemic
I love you all.

Sidenote: We are reworking donor ranks to include even more perks than they did before, kitpvp is also coming.


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