More EULA Updates

Hey Heroes and Villains,

We were recently requested to make our store EULA compliant as requested by Mojang, in order to prevent the server from being blacklisted.

In response to this, we had to make all items on our store effect every player that is online on the server it was purchased on, sell cosmetics to a single player, and remove all pay to win items available for purchase. Voting also required quite a few changes in order to stay compliant. If you haven't already read the post about the voting changes, you can read it here. We know this may upset some of you, but all of this was required by Mojang.

We have added mcMMO boosters to the store under Prison2, Prison3, Skyblock, Skyblock1 and PvPLegends. More store updates will be ruled out this week and should be available for purchase by Wednesday. Keep in mind, you will not lose anything you purchased in the past.

Planned Features

  • Cosmetic Global Ranks (VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+ & Flamingo)
  • StatTrak Item Upgrades (View kill stats on the weapon this is applied to)
  • Sidekicks
  • Disguises
  • Emotes
  • Item Rename Tags
  • Chat Guilds
  • Particle Effects
  • Special abilities in hub
  • More Boosters
    • Mob Drop
    • Crop Growth
    • Mob Spawn Rate
    • Block Drop

You can reply to this thread with questions and they will be answered in the reply below.


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