Hey, Heroes and Villains, its your sexiest admin, shadow, here to announce our first official lucky block survival games event.

How it will work:
We will be having multiple guys of lucky block sg, every so often(3-6 games) there will be a voucher round, and who ever wins the round receives a voucher.

1-Anyone caught hacking during the game will be banned permanently as there will be multiple staff watching.
2-No teaming allowed unless told otherwise by an admin, teaming will result in an instant disqualification
3-No ghosting , meaning you cant be telling other players where the enemies or lucky blocks are in game or on teamspeak, if caught it will result in disqualification.

Every 3-6 games will be a voucher round as mentioned above, and whoever wins receives a 15$ voucher. You can not win a voucher more than 2 times.
I will be sending the vouchers to you on either teamspeak or on the forums in a conversation message.

Don't forget to join our teamspeak while in the event to communicate and have fun with everyone there. ip: ts.arkhamnetwork.org

What time will it be hosted:
The event will be hosted at 4pm EST 8pm GMT

Cant wait to see everyone
Yours truly, Shadow <3


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