August 6th Event

Hey Heroes and Villains,

Our lovely Event Managers are having a hard time choosing which event to do on the 6th of August. We need your help! Here are your choices:

Art Contest
Submit your best artwork, with a description of it. Your entry must be 100% unique, and not stolen from anyone.


Prison 2 Plot Contest
Submit your plot id, and a brief description about your plot.

Please vote on the poll for which event you would to see this upcoming weekend. You may also submit a suggestion for a different type of event in the comments below, and we may add it to our poll. Keep in mind this upcoming weekend's event prize will be a voucher and your artwork or plot showcased on the announcements for forums. Top prize is $25, 2nd prize is $15, and 3rd prize is $10.

The event will be chosen in 24 hours, and you will be able to submit your entry then.


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