Hey Heroes and Villains,

The list for allowed and disallowed mods has been updated. There will be no tolerance if you are found with any of the disallowed mods and the appropriate punishment will be given. If you are unsure if a mod is allowed or disallowed, please message one of our Admins, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Just to make this clear, you are not allowed to use hacked clients, period, end of story, even if you are using allowed modifications within it.

Allowed Mods

  • Minimaps (Player andd Entity Tracking must be disabled)
  • Damage Indicators
  • Better Sprinting
  • Toggle Sneak
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • Too Many Items
  • Not Enough Items
  • Status Effects
  • Armor Status
  • Coordinates Mods
  • Mouse Tweaks
  • Autoclickers (Not allowed in PvP or while killing mobs)
  • Macros (Not allowed in PvP or while killing mobs)
  • Inventory Tweaks (Not allowed with potions, Pot PvP or Soup PvP)
  • Auto Fish
  • LabyMod
  • Tabby Chat
  • 5Zig
  • Fastcraft
  • Potion HUD
  • Chat Companion
  • Gamma
  • Brightness
  • Batty’s Mod

Disallowed Mods

  • Nuker
  • X-Ray (This includes X-Ray texture packs)
  • Scenters
  • Hacked Clients
  • Forcefield
  • Smart Moving
  • Toggle Jump
  • Player Radars
  • Tracers
  • Autoswitch
  • Ghost Clients
  • Fly
  • Schematica Printer
  • Replay Mod
  • Cave Finder
  • Cheating Essentials
  • Chest Finder or Chest ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Reach (For those of you that think it exists still)

This list can be changed at any time by an Admin.


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