Skyblock 2 release

Greetings fellow Arkham Worshippers,

As you might have seen SKYBLOCK 2 is now released! /server skyblock2 🙂

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WARNING: any bugs that occur on the newly released Skyblock, please report. We appreciate it :).

What is new on Skyblock 2?

  • The server is fit with a new spawn built by the one and only Umigra!
  • There are new islands for you to explore.
  • We have created a parkour path which after finishing you receive 125k in-game money.
  • We've redone the tutorial NPC and clicking the top book will show you around the server. After completing the tutorial you will be granted 25k in-game money!
  • Spawner grinding isn't necessarily the primary source of income, farming is highly encouraged :).
  • The paragon store has been certified balanced.
  • Crates have been reworked so they are balanced. /warp crates
  • Ranks on the Skyblock 2 server have been reworked so they're balanced.
  • Items purchased on Buycraft will be delivered to both Skyblock 1 & 2, at no extra fee.
  • You can blacklist players using /is ban.
  • You can convert gold nuggets into gold ingots using /ingot.
  • More NPC's have been added to spawn for a better directional compass around the server.

Thank you for playing on the Arkham Network! keep informed with server-side updates on here! Inform us with any bugs/suggestions on the forums.

Yours sincerely, Branislav // Arkham Staff Team.


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