Hey, Heroes and Villains, it's Dylan here!

As you may already know, Prison 2 has been released!

What's new on Prison 2?

  • New spawn
  • New /warp plots spawn
  • Back to the old mines we all know and love(3 mines per warp)
  • Laser enchantment finally released
  • Changed economy
  • Brought back the old backpacks
  • Lottery added
  • /kit rank can be used every 24 hours and will give you E-Tokens depending on your prestige and rank
  • 1x E-Token per 20,000 blocks broken
  • /plot portal creates a portal to your plot(Can only be used at the /warp plots spawn and on plot roads)
  • Every prestige you will receive a 0.1x sell multiplier
  • New omnitool tiers
  • /Tutorial
  • Drugs(Not currently implemented)
  • Updated crates
  • Top 5 prestiged players at spawn
  • Top 5 players with the highest blocks-broken are displayed at spawn
  • Much more to be added in the future

What are you waiting for? Hop on /server prison2 and become the richest!

EDIT: Prison 3 has also been released, it is identical to prison 2 but all the dupes and exploits are fixed.


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