Direction of ArkhamNetwork

Hey guys, I've wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you guys about where ArkhamNetwork is headed and how much things have changed over the years and about ways we could potentially improve a lot of things.

Global Kits:

Global kits are completely outta control, players are getting way too many keys everyday and it's become such a huge problem that brand new reset servers are essentially being broken eco wise the second they go up. Now, I know this is my fault, I know I went too far with them. But it's time to fix them, I'm not exactly sure how to fix them but it needs to happen, they need to be nerfed. Whether that be the amount of keys, or making them 7 day coolI'm insecure or what.


Redman has permanently moved over to Skyblocky, he was not able to keep up with how fast paced Arkham is not to mention how difficult the codebase is. I have a lot of wants and desires for Arkham, I want it to grow back to where it used to be and everything but it just seems impossible at this point due to the fact that no developers in the entire Minecraft community can handle how complicated and difficult Arkham is due to my ridiculously high standards for polish and extremely well done game servers.

Arkhams Codebase:

Arkhams codebase is using Nashorn intrepreted Javascript. Coelho did this in an effort to make things more efficient and easier to code and it definitely accomplishes this, the issue is that I can't find anybody else in the Minecraft community that's worth hiring to be able to keep up with Arkham and it's demand to release content daily or at the very least weekly.

My feelings towards Arkham:

I'm completely burned out on Arkham guys, it's just so much work and super depressing, I don't want to lie to you guys. I would LOVE to see Arkham flourish and go hard like it did back in the day but it's just not the golden days of Minecraft anymore. These feelings are partly due to the fact that everytime I lay out a timeline and gameplan for when and how I want things done, everybody just completely drops the ball, mainly developers.

Broken Promises:

I know there's been a lot of broken promises, I really do. And I try my absolute best to make sure it doesn't happen again but it always does. You guys need to remember that this is not my fault, I'm on my computer 16 hours a day trying to find a solution to everything on Arkham, developers just don't deliver on their promises. They're either too slow or too incompetent to handle Arkham. I try so hard to make things happen and unfortunately I'm just let down by everybody around me.

Future of Arkham:

The future of Arkham is bright, do not get me wrong, I know I'm being a pessimist. But there's a lot of things that I'm currently putting together in terms of getting all new builds across the network, new artwork, new content on every server as well as a full fledged minigame arcade.


Yes, Mojang hates us because we don't abide by their EULA due to the flip flop decisions they've made in the past. We have tried to work with Mojang but to no avail, they are completely unwilling to listen to any reason. We will always try to avoid their wrath no matter what and will always keep ArkhamNetwork online for play even if that means switching entirely over to SquidHQ. Something I just want to make very clear is that we can NOT afford to keep Arkham alive EULA Compliant, it just doesn't work. People LOVE p2w.


Our Buycraft is seriously outta date, I will be having somebody go through and fix everything sometime in the next few weeks. It needs a lot of additions and removals, I'm aware of this.

So what does this mean?

It means that I'm not ignoring your cries or outrages, I'm paying attention to every single thing, I'm here all day, I just don't make it obvious that I'm here because kids spam the literal crap outta me.

Things WILL be improving on Arkham, I promise you that. Even if it means having to remake every single server from scratch not using the Javascript. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve things please let me know.

I have a team setup to start late Feb that will be able to do everything we need, including tons of new content, daily updates, Buycraft updates, everything. We just need the communities help getting ideas together in docs so that we can make everything happen.

Arkham is my pride and joy guys, don't ever think I'd just abandon it because I don't care. I DEFINITELY do care about each and every one of you. It's just that when you're dealing with a network this big, it's incredibly hard to respond to each and every person, I have no choice but to treat everybody as a whole or else I'd lose my sanity from the idiots that can't read.

tldr; I'm not ignoring you guys, I'm not ignoring Arkham, there's just a lot going on right now. In the meantime, Coelho will be releasing content at his own pace, I can't make him work any faster. It's just the way he is, he works when he wants to work, I can't fix it, I've tried everything. So just be patient everybody.

Edit: I've planned a seriously next level hybrid OP/RP Prison server release sometime in Feb that'll be replacing Oldschool Prison. Get hyped, it's gonna be nuts.


Hey guys, I know things are getting delayed, we're working insanely hard to get things out but it's quite a lot of work and everytime we start working on something, something else side tracks us.

We're working on getting another developer to help ease some of the workload because it's absolutely insane right now. I'm sorry guys, trying our best here.

I love you guys, please excuse the delays. Custom Enchants and Envoys will be done before Friday peak time for sure, we've just recently acquired and a datacenter screwup completely destroyed 12 hours of work on transferring it and we're stuck twiddling our thumbs waiting for them to fix their mistake.

I just wanted to let you guys know that we're not just jerking off doing nothing.

A Slight Delay

Hey guys it's Redmancometh, and I just want to give everyone an update on the content for Factions we're releasing tonight. We've had some issues with the Vanilla-like enchant behavior (combining books, combining armor together for higher levels, etc) and we're working on polishing it up..

We will be releasing it tonight, but it's going to be quite late tonight (as late as 2-3a). Rest assured we're working diligently to get you your new content!

Upcoming Updates

Hey guys, it's Serayne92 here with some updates for my bros.

Envoys are coming to Factions as well as Custom Enchants.

They'll both be there Jan 4th Wednesday by 5pm EST at the latest.

Creative is going to be having a reset with a TON of new content at Jan 10th 5pm EST. We will be keeping the current Creative world into the new server under a CreativeOld warp that will allow you to keep your old plots.
New features will include the following:

  • Schematic saving and selling to other players, as well as a store for premade schematics.
  • Skin contest happening every hour or so, judges will be players that aren't in the contest.
  • Roleplay quests that allow players to make their own actual game inside their plots that other players can join.
  • You will be able to start an actual family and have kids.
  • Minigames will be added into Creative itself such as Draw My Thing and Build Battle at a later date sometime in Feb.

Voting systems and the Paragon system are going to be completely updated and changed as well sometime in between servers.

Eco Survival will be coming to Arkham by Jan 30th 5pm EST.
Except some crazy custom armor models and stuff. 🙂

Our own custom built Hardcore RP Prison with guards and a Warden will be coming by Feb 28th 5pm EST.

Custom Arcade will be replacing all minigames by March 31st 5pm EST.
This will give rewards redeemable on the server of your choosing when you win or lose.
When players enter a game, they all vote on the minigame, map and game rules.

If you want to apply for staff, you need to add Serayne92 on Skype. My Skype name is below, you can also find a direct button on the forum homepage. If you give me some crap application you will be ignored and blocked, do NOT call me either.


Happy new year, Arkham is back.

Something I want you all to beware of is that Mojang has blacklisted Arkham for sure, the only way we're getting around this is by using a SRV exploit in the DNS to allow players to connect. It is very possible this could be patched soon and you will no longer be able to connect to ArkhamNetwork in the game client. When this happens you will HAVE to use SquidHQ. You can find SquidHQ below.
I promise you that this has no viruses or malicious account hacking software, it is completely clean and verified by a digital security certificate as well as business verified to be 110% secure.